Oddly, the pandemic has resulted in a dramatic increase in lead generation and sales through direct mail efforts.

Come to think of it, with more people at home and isolated from others, perhaps this phenomenon isn’t as odd as it might seem at first glance. After all, this isn’t your typical recession.

So, direct mail should absolutely be one of your marketing strategies as the economy begins to recover. This being the case, here are six points to know…

#1: Less competition, higher responses.

Because of the lockdowns and work-from-home directives … and the resultant economic shock that ensued, direct mail “clutter” is down dramatically. Less mail means less competition for your prospects’ attention. It also means higher responses to your direct mail marketing. Take advantage of this cobweb-mailbox syndrome. It won’t last forever.

#2: Direct mail retargeting.

If someone visits your landing page, mail them a physical marketing piece directly to their mailbox. This puts you front and center in their minds and reinforces your message that highlights the benefits your product or service has to offer.

#3: Go home.

Particularly for business-to-business marketers, send direct mail to the home addresses of your prospects. It will get a higher response, especially now that the work-from-home environment is more entrenched in the business world. (If you need home addresses for your business prospects, give Jeremiah a call on (615) 814-6633.

#4: Free Marketing.

Maximize the value of Informed Delivery – the email service the U.S. Postal Service now offers consumers. More than 30 million people now get an email every day showing them what they can expect to find in their mailbox. Each email gets a 60% to 90% open rate!

And a mail piece gets a free digital ad next to their direct mail image. Those ads pull a powerful 6% to 8% clickthrough rate. That’s like free marketing. Take advantage.

#5: Multichannel Integration.

To the very same prospect names, using direct mail, Facebook ads, emails, pre-roll videos, digital ads, addressable TV, and more is now a megatrend. Why? Because it dramatically increases responses.

#6: TDM Breakthrough.

Transactional data modeling has changed everything for direct mail. It produces higher response rates and a bigger universe.

If you would like to maximize the power of each of these six elements – mailing lists, transactional data modeling, integrated multichannel marketing, etc. – give me a call. We can even help you improve your response analysis, boost results by incorporating other, unexpected marketing channels, and even reduce your print expenses.

You can reach me on (615) 615-6633 or email me at craig@cdmginc.com.