A call to action can make or break the sale.

And words matter!

A test was recently run for a PR automation company called “Pitchbox.” This company was launching a product and wanted to see which call to action received more response: “Now available by invitation only” or “Now available by private beta.” Both call to action buttons were below the fold on the company’s main website page.

Which one do you think won?

If you guessed, “By invitation only,” you’re right! It increased sign-up rates by an astonishing 273.13% at a 99% confidence level.

You can see that what you place below the fold is vital to your sales. It can either boost or depress your response ­– whether that’s clicks, conversions, leads or sales.

Whatever industry you’re in, make sure you have strong copy all the way to the end. It’ll take your campaign from good to great.

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