Make sure your testimonials are working for you, not against you.

Let’s evaluate the Too-Perfect Testimonial.

I know… you want your testimonials to look sharp and feature good-looking, smiling people who, in perfectly articulate and beautiful language, express the many benefits of your product.

Here’s the problem: It looks fake. And your prospects can sense that.

If your testimonials are too perfect and appear too good to be true, your prospects will assume they’re scripted.

If that happens, you’ve just destroyed the very credibility and authenticity you work so hard to build up and maintain.

Instead, wholeheartedly embrace your raw, unedited testimonials — warts and all. You want your prospect to know that these are real people who genuinely loved your product, not hired actors regurgitating a sales pitch.

Use real photos and videos, even unflattering ones, and absolutely do not edit what they say.

Testimonials aren’t meant to be high literature — they’re meant to sell your product organically. A poorly written, disjointed sentence or video sounds more real and provides more credibility.

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