A powerful channel for direct response advertising is streaming video.

The changes in the marketplace are fast paced and exciting for reaching your target audience with a direct response TV commercial.

Here are the four new trends you should know about:

Trend #1 – Amazon is giving marketers a new opportunity for profitable advertising.

Amazon has two streaming video sources. They are Fire TV and Amazon Freebee (rebranded from IMDb TV).

The streaming services are using the massive database of Amazon by users.

It is not intent.

It is not searches.

It is not clicks.

It is transactions based on purchases from the e-commerce business.

For digital advertising and direct mail, we have used transactional data of people’s actual purchases.

Now, transactional data can be used for television ads, targeting your audience based upon their purchase history.

Trend #2 – Netflix advertising switches position and is adding an ad-supported streaming service.

Netflix will soon be adding a lower priced streaming service supported by advertising.

It is the last major subscription streaming video service to offer an advertising tier.

Trend #3 – The two major streaming service categories are being integrated. 

There are two major types of streaming video categories.

FAST video streaming is linear streaming that serves up schedule content like traditional TV channels such as YouTube TV.

AVOD (advertising video on demand) has viewers select the specific movie and/or TV episode they want to watch – which is very convenient for the consumer.

These two are merging for purchasing airtime and will probably disappear as separate categories in the near future.

Trend #4 – Legacy media is trying to compete with the streaming services; with so many choices, a shakeout is ahead.

More streaming services are still emerging in the marketplace.

For example, Paramount Global owns Pluto TV, Comcast owns XUMO, and Fox Corporation owns Tubi.

This emerging channel for advertising is exciting, young and definitely worth using a portion of your marketing budget to test and be a pioneer in this field. History tells us that those who get in first become the ones who have early success and long-term domination of the market.

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