Amazon is the beast you need to work with.

They are where 60%+ of buyers start their online shopping experience and individuals with prime memberships are 20 times more likely to purchase from Amazon than any other retailer.

Obstacle #1: Disturbingly, some marketers are “delisted”.

For example, delisting’s due to health claims can cost you thousands of dollars in sales, and Amazon has continued to crack down on said health claims for products.

Delisting’s can also cost your business upwards of 5 to 6 figure amounts as you try to fix the issues within seller support.

The FDA continues to put pressure on Amazon to crack down on health, wellness and natural products specifically. One company recently lost over $150,000 in sales from a single product being delisted for just a single week.

Obstacle #2: New seller bar is raising ever higher.

Also, getting approval to sell on Amazon is becoming an ever-higher hurdle. Amazon is requiring sellers to provide more documents and proof of business on top of existing and already approved certifications and or certificates for products.

Obstacle #3: Amazon SEO is much different than Google SEO.

Amazon, like most major tech companies, relies heavily on complex algorithms and search queries to provide users the optimal product experience for their specific search terms.

Each of these search engines have a different algorithm and content needs to be built around that algorithm.

Most agencies see SEO as specific to the platform, but we see it as specific to the search intent. This allows for us to optimize Amazon listings for both Amazon and for the organic Google search, making the cost of running ads from Amazon more cost effective and focused on the user.

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