That’s a big average ROI increase that will help your bottom line, and it’s all from using multi-channel marketing. Leaving those using only Facebook or Google in the dust.

600 marketers found that they boosted their response rate by 84% by using 4 to 6 different marketing channels in their advertising campaigns, verifying they are enjoying a much better Return On Investment (ROI) than using just 1 or 2 marketing channels.

That’s proof that multichannel marketing is a powerful strategy.

In fact, my team’s best campaigns use Facebook, Google, Pre-rolls, native advertising, Addressable TV, email, and depending on the product or service, other channels.

And we have found that adding just one additional channel to your campaigns could boost your Return On Investment even more… by double digits, in fact.

Let me give you an example.

Take direct mail.

That’s right! In an online world direct mail, with multichannel support, boosts response more than adding other channel alternatives.

In tests comparing the effectiveness of having direct mail included in a multichannel campaign or not, those who used direct mail enjoyed an extra increase of 18% or better ROI.

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