Testing Corner: Which Magalog Headline Worked the Best?

Testing Corner: Which Magalog Headline Worked the Best?

An effective, response-boosting headline is critical to any marketing campaign.

You might write a lengthy landing page … or a 20-page magalog … but if your prospects aren’t immediately captivated by your headline, they won’t keep reading. And you’ll miss out on gaining a new lead … and potential new profits.

Headlines must capture your prospects’ attention with sizzling words and details.

Here, I did a test on different headlines I wrote for a magalog selling an investment newsletter.

Headline A:

Tech Boom Creates Massive Market Disruption

Headline B:

Oil Deathwatch? OPEC crumbling because of new Tech Megatrend

Which magalog cover do you think pulled the higher response?

If you guessed B, you were correct.

Headline B received a 21% higher response than Headline A.

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