Here’s an interesting phone number test conducted by Flowers Across Melbourne, an online-only florist in Australia.
They wanted to know what would generate more visits to the checkout page: a site wide listing of a local phone number or a toll-free phone number.
However, as smart marketers, they decided to test what would happen if they used a local number instead.
Can you guess which phone number led to more checkout cart visits?
If you guessed the local number as the winner, then you’re right! Believe it or not, it increased checkout page visits by 18.3% at a 99% confidence level.
This example shows how costly it can be to make assumptions about your audience. Clearly, Flowers Across Melbourne’s prospects were more comfortable with a local number than a toll-free number. And a simple test was all it took to find out.
I urge you to examine the assumptions you’re making about your prospects—and then conduct careful tests to make sure they’re correct. You’ll be surprised at what you discover.
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