Warning – Lack of Detail Will Kill Response
Don’t make this copy writing mistake.
Because it will decrease your responses.
What is a common mistake?
When reviewing your copy, remember that one of the things that distinguishes a winner from a loser, or a campaign that is mediocre from one that is great, is the amount of specifics and details that are put into the landing page, direct mail, email or TV commercial.
Get to the point with specifics
Generalities result in anemic copy.  And the bottom line is, specifics sell, generalities do not.
Never say, “Our research and development costs are
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approximately a million dollars.”
Instead say, “Our research and development costs were $992,422.00.”
You should use specifics in percentages.  Don’t say: “80% of the users increased their productivity.”  Instead say, “83% of the users increased their productivity.”
It is also important that you do this with awards and recognition you may have received.  For example, don’t say, “We have an award-winning company.”  Instead, say: “We have won the 2015 Human Resources of the Year Award.”
Use time and space wisely
With a website or a direct mail campaign, do your research and let it show.
Strategically incorporate specific details into your campaign.
Never make a claim without backing it up with details.
Never have blocks of paragraphs anyone could write without doing the research, knowing the market audience, and product or service. Specifics create reality in your advertising, and specifics will increase your responses.
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