Health Alert today is the American dream come true. But when I first talked to the owners, it truly was only a dream. How did he turn an idea into a multimillion-dollar company?
What was the marketing secrets–the keys to success? Take a look…Health Alert - New Product Launch: Entrepreneur’s Dream Into Multimillion Dollar Company

New Product Launch:

An Entrepreneur’s Dream Into Multi-million Dollar Company
The Launch
Dr. Bruce West called me over 25 years ago. He wanted to share his knowledge of alternative health protocols before the national health movement took off – and make a living at it.
Dr. West’s original goal was to market a newsletter on alternative health to medical professionals and offer them supplements.
Instead, I suggested to market to the 50-plus target group. Dr. West agreed.
So my company, CDMG, created some of the keys to a successful launch. This includes the branding, the positioning, defending the unique selling proposition (USP) and creating a personality. In addition, we developed a powerful offer so the project could begin.
The Growth
From writing his newsletter on the kitchen table in a rented house, the newsletter grew to one of the largest health newsletters and supplement companies in America.
Having started from nothing, Health Alert currently has about 80,000 paid subscribers (average unit of sale is $68.00), a powerful renewal rate, and recurring income from nutritional supplement sales makes Health Alert among the top three health newsletters in America–a multi-million dollar corporation.
Despite recessions, market crashes, intense competition from large corporations, changing technologies, new media and communication channels, we continue to help build this company into the largest independent alternative health service in America.
And Dr. West now owns the property he once rented… and much more.
For many years now, CDMG has produced a broad array of marketing strategies and tactics to help Health Alert become profitable and grow exponentially. Some of the marketing strategies used include:

  1. Envelope mailings
  2. Magalogs
  3. Slim Jims
  4. Reportalogs
  5. Landing Pages
  6. Tabalogs
  7. Newsalogs
  8. Infomercials
  9. Database Marketing
  10. Upsell/Cross Sell
  11. Inserts
  12. Renewal Series
  13. Email
  14. Banner ads
  15. Display ads

Over the years, CDMG has won six gold awards for Best Marketing Campaign of the year (out of our 78 awards) for the campaigns we did for Dr. Bruce West and Health Alert.
The Results
Health Alert grew from only a dream into a multi-million dollar reality for Dr. West– all because of our superior marketing and media selection.
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