Not knowing the latest breakthrough marketing trends–or the most profitable proven marketing trends–can hurt your marketing, growth, and profitability.
That’s why SIPA, the organization for the Software & Industry Association, is presenting my webinar, 18 New and Powerful Marketing Trends for Information Companies.
These little-known new strategies, used in conjunction with time-tested techniques, can supercharge your response and profits. They can help you plan your next steps for 2015 and beyond.
In the webinar you’ll discover how you can:
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  • Boost your results from all your marketing efforts
  • Generate more leads and more sales at a lower cost
  • Avoid the costly common blunders that could lose you time and money

You’ll get all this and more in an hour-long live webinar on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. EST (10:00 a.m. PST). You can register now!
During this fast-paced, concise and information-packed presentation, you’ll learn specific recommendations and strategies to grow your business or organization.
You’ll Discover…

  • Shocking test results to avoid painful marketing errors
  • The amazing secret to improving profits using special direct response copy and art strategies
  • 4 little-known ways to increase paid subscriptions
  • Email vs. direct mail: Costly and unnecessary mistakes most marketers make that decrease response
  • The #1 marketing breakthrough for 2015
  • 7 online lead generation tactics that drive quality leads
  • 9 ways to use direct mail/online synergy to lower your cost per sale
  • Why retargeting changes everything
  • Magalog breakthroughs
  • Banner ads, videos, QR codes and social media success tactics
  • How your offer can make or break a campaign – new trends
  • The amazing direct mail (videolog) and what to do now
  • Exhibit/trade show trends and advice
  • How publishers can use the Jobs Act to raise funding
  • When you must use a three-dimensional mail piece
  • What is a newsalog?
  • The amazing power of a bookalog-what every President/Marketing Director must know
  • And much more…

You’ll come away from this presentation with dozens of time-tested ways to apply direct response advertising strategies to dramatically increase your subscribers/members. Click here to register now.