I just completed writing six different emails for a client-each with two different subject lines to test. Among the direct response rules to create super response copy is to get into the mind of the prospect.
Writing online or offline copy, the direct response key to success is observing, quantifying and understanding human psychology.
Whether they are customers or prospects, B to B or C, people react positively or negatively depending on how they feel emotionally to your copy.

It’s applied psychology-knowing how to speak directly to your prospects’ needs, overcoming fears, creating vision-all of this is understanding what keeps your prospects up at night. 

And the what holds them back from embracing your offer.

Regardless of who you are marketing to, it is crucial that you apply human psychology in your copy. Whether you are communicating via a mailing piece, banner ad, website, TV or radio, your copy needs to speak to the emotions of your prospect.
For these emails, I had to be my prospect. I had to understand how they feel, think and behave.
Tapping into human psychology
By understanding that your prospects have needs, wants, desires, goals, fears, compassion, and hopes or dreams, you will be able to construct copy that reaches out to them.
Ignoring the human psychology of your prospects will have an extremely negative impact on your results. Like a failure or mediocre response.
So look at your copy and put yourself in the shoes of your prospects; does your copy tap into their needs and emotions?
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