Sometimes what’s old is new, and there is a new marketing format called retromarketing!

In direct mail, marketers have a variety of formats to choose from. These include:

  • traditional #10 envelope
  • odd size envelope
  • hand written envelope
  • bulk mail
  • magalog
  • bookalog

and many variations of each of the above.
One client over the last 15 years has tried almost all these formats on their profitable marketing campaigns. But multiple mailings to the same names reduce response. So something new is always needed to command a prospect’s attention and generate a new client.
A new mail format can reenergize your marketing powerfully.
It’s called retromarketing.
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The Challenge
This client turned to Creative Direct Marketing Group (CDMG) to innovatively boost their response to:

  • Increase their subscription base
  • Stand out from their competitors
  • Cross-Sell additional products
  • And bring in (millions) of potential new revenue

The challenge was that this company had struggled to beat their direct mail control that was declining in response. CDMG then created a new, disruptive direct mail format to:

  • Cut through the clutter
  • Position them as an authority in their field
  • Speak directly to the prospects most pressing concerns
  • Deliver to them in a format that is familiar, while new as an advertising format
  • A format no one else in their vertical market was using

The CDMG team took the client’s old “magalog”, or magazine style format that had been used for years, and turned the copy and art into a mock newspaper.
This advertorial style format conveyed a sense of newsworthiness about the company and its product, demanded potential customers’ attention and, most importantly, dramatically increased our client’s sales.
The Result:

  1. An increase of  17% in response, generating more customers and a superior ROI
  2. Huge potential for a massive amount of cross sell revenue
  3. The most successful year for the company ever, with over 50,000 new customers added because of the new format

The Bottom Line:
Test a new format… like a newsalog.
Call us about changing up your format – maybe even a newsalog. The ultimate result is a retro-marketing success.
Craig Huey has a video briefing on the newsalog. Click here.

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