Subscriber base of little-known publication grows nearly 50% in just 2 months

The Marketing Challenge:

MAEDEL’S MINI-CAP ANALYST, a monthly stock newsletter, came to CDMG with a number of frustrating problems:The Creative Solution:

  1. It was virtually unknown to U.S. stock investors, as it was primarily mailed to a small, select group of international investors;
  2. It had a small subscriber base that was not growing;
  3. Its original name, PRO TRADER, sounded more like a professional newsletter for commodity traders than a newsletter for a key audience of individual investors;
  4. Editor Neil Maedel is based in Switzerland—far from the power corridors of Wall Street;
  5. Very few investors knew much about mini-cap stocks.  There was a lot of educating that had to be done.

First, CDMG suggested a name change from PRO TRADER to MAEDEL’S MINI-CAP ANALYST. This focused on both the expert (Neil Maedel) and subject matter.

Second, CDMG created an intriguing air mail-themed envelope from Switzerland.  This helped catch the attention of prospects and really set this piece apart.

An information-packed 16-page letter created in the form of a “Stock Profit Alert” told the exciting story of mini-cap stocks.  Prospects gained valuable knowledge just by reading this alert.

The key “hook” was a Free Special Report, “The 5 Most Explosive Mini-Cap Stocks for 1996” Each of these stocks were teased to in the main letter.

CDMG also created a name for Neil Maedel’s unique stock-picking system, calling it the “Summit Stock Selection System.”

The copy was filled with many exciting profit examples, benefits and big promises to the reader.

Finally, a special offer was made including savings of up to 66% and up to five FREE Special Reports.

The Results:Maedel-Study.eps

At a time when little-known stock newsletter promotions have failed left and right, this promotion has pulled outstanding response.

Client Bernie Hertel, President of The ProTrader Corp., says: “Thank you for your exceptional effort…After only the first mailing, we have already increased our subscriber base by almost 50%.  The response is tremendous.

Your creative concepts and various strategic recommendations were invaluable to us…All aspects of the project were professionally handled and we did not have to worry about a thing.

“We initially chose to work with you based on your excellent reputation.  Our experience to date only serves to reinforce it further…Feel free to use me as a reference.”

If your product or service isn’t generating the kind of enthusiastic response that MAEDEL’S MINICAP ANALYST is enjoying, the solution to your problem might be as simple as a phone call to CDMG.