Revealed: The surprising secret behind Intelligence Digest’s phenomenal 22% response

The Marketing Challenge:

Joe DeCourcy, publisher of Intelligence Digest newsletter, needed to find a way to lock in longer-term subscribers in order to generate ongoing revenue and reduce bottom line expenditures for renewal notice mailings, postage, printing, computer time and staff time.

He looked to CDMG for the solution.

The Creative Solution:

Craig Huey and his staff came up with a unique concept called Inner Circle 2000, an exclusive membership club of Intelligence Digest’s very best subscribers.

Inner Circle 2000 locked subscribers into a 5-year commitment with a very strong offer that included Special Reports, a 5-year subscription extension to Intelligence Digest and sister publications Economic Intelligence Review and Islamic Affairs Analyst, and a hotline to the “Intelligence Information Center.” Club membership also included two admissions to the Intelligence 2000 Conference to be held at the turn of the century in London.Inner-Circle

Inner Circle 2000 subscribers were invited to become personally involved with Mr. DeCourcy’s confidential intelligence organization by making a long-term subscriber commitment.

The Results:

According to Joe DeCourcy, the results far exceeded his expectations. Somewhat skeptical of the club concept in the beginning stages, he quickly became a believer as responses began rolling in. Mailings produced an impressive 22% response.