The Marketing Challenge:

Sun Wellness, Inc., a marketer of the natural food supplement Sun Chlorella, wanted to aggressively expand its customer base. Regularly mailed promotions had been used over the last four years, but a breakthrough effort was needed to reach its marketing goal.
The challenge for Sun Wellness was complicated by increased competition for buyers of cleansing, energizing health foods like Sun Chlorella. With many new companies entering this market, the prime audience was being inundated with promotions.

The Creative Solution:

Craig Huey and his staff at CDMG created a direct mail program that centered on a unique, tabloid-style magalog, enlarged from the traditional magazine-size to 11” x 12”. This new size helped the piece stand out in the mail. (more on this case study)
Since a primary function of Sun Chlorella is to help the body cleanse itself of toxins, a compelling theme of “the invisible toxic enemy” was highlighted on the cover and throughout the piece. This theme was further enhanced by the featured miraculous, true story of Dr. William Kellas, a noted authority on toxic immune syndrome which is linked to many health problems. Dr. Kellas’ account of his recovery from a debilitating disease set the stage for the introduction of his 7-step “Health & Vitality” program, in which Sun Chlorella plays an integral part.
Throughout this fact-filled promotion, the health-giving benefits of Sun Chlorella were supported by many expert opinions and customer testimonials. The package was finally wrapped with two special offers, including savings of up to 30% and as many as 4 free bonus gifts.

The Results:

George Higashida, President of Sun Wellness, Inc., has been ecstatic about the results. He writes:
“Just a few days after the mailing, our telemarketing company faxed in ten full pages of orders. That’s in addition to a constant stream of mail orders that have been pouring in.

“Response has been so great that we’ve had to hire six new people, expand our offices, and install a new phone system to keep up.

“Everyone who has seen this promotion has been impressed, and thanks to your direct marketing expertise, we’re expanding our customer base at a record-setting pace. Compared to our previous mailings, I expect this promotion to do three or four times better. Thanks for an amazing winner!”

At last count, Sun Wellness was well on the way to reaching, and far surpassing, its marketing goal.

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