GeoSafari explores a new market and captures big sales with this wildly successful magalog!

The Marketing Challenge:

Ever since its introduction in late 1989, Educational Insights’ internationally acclaimed GeoSafari electronic learning system has been a continual star performer in the educational toy industry.

Educators buy it for their classrooms, parents buy it for their children to use at home and kids use it for the simple reason that it makes learning fun. But after years of stardom on the shelves of toy stores across the country, even the most successful product can benefit from new marketing ideas.

That’s why Educational Insights came to CDMG.

The Creative Solution:

At CDMG, Craig Huey and his staff created a full-color, 16-page, information-based magalog that would reach new customers through direct mail.

A magalog is direct mail’s equivalent to TV’s infomercial. Using every one of its 16 pages to full advantage, the magalog told the complete story of GeoSafari from the unique point of view of product inventor, company founder and proud parent Burt Cutler.

Punctuating the main story of GeoSafari’s proven effectiveness in making learning fun were a series of unique, “hands-on” testimonials from people like William R. Gray, vice president and director of the National Geographic Society.

Because the GeoSafari learning system carried a $100 pricGeoSafari-Mage tag, CDMG also came up with a strong, compelling “send no money” offer. This offer featured bonuses such as a free wall map of the world, free charter membership in the “GeoClub,” a timely “In The News” subject card, plus an upsell program for additional lessons at a special reduced price.

The Results:

GeoSafari experienced increased exposure to additional sources of revenue, and their proven products continue to provide advanced learning solutions for teaching children in elementary schools across the country.

Often the only thing standing between an established product’s past and future success is an effective direct marketing effort. So, whether you have an existing product whose sales need to be revitalized, or a new product that needs to be launched in the most cost-effective manner possible, contact Craig Huey at CDMG.