Marketing can be hard.
Especially if it’s business-to-business marketing, asking people for money and time commitment.
That’s what faces conference and seminar marketers all the time.
That’s why when asked us to help them promote their conference, it required a powerful marketing campaign to overcome objections of time and money.
The conference required travel for several days and $2,000 per attendee.
So, my team and I decided to overcome that skepticism of their audience head on.The target group was bankers, insurance industry professionals and those in finance.
We needed to powerfully convince them to work on their self-interest to come… That’s why we took a “news” approach. Every industry has hot news. This was for…
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the target group protecting themselves from the government by avoiding costly mistakes that would result in hefty fines…even jail time.
“The AML landscape is now much tougher. The new U.S. Congress will put regulators under much tighter scrutiny – making more headaches for you and your organization no matter what flag you fly.
And with recent penalties running in tens of millions – being sure you are compliant has never been more essential.
Are you prepared if AML regulators walk through your office door unannounced today?
Are you current on the new laws and regulations and how to comply?
Are you aware of good compliance strategies and best practices that will help you and your organization avoid fines, headlines, or even criminal prosecution?”
This was not “hot news” that would keep our audience up at night.
The lesson of using current events -“hot news”- has been learned by many marketers.
Use current events, something within the prospects realm of their knowledge and reality that will directly and emotionally impact them.
By using the proper direct response copy and art and a multi-media strategy of direct mail, email and landing pages, we were able to achieve goals far exceeding expectations (over 2,000 paid attendees) and won the silver award for the best campaign of the year.
Can I help you find that hot issue that will emotionally impact your audience? Can I help provide you with email and postal names and a creative approach that will give you breakthrough results? I’d love to talk to you about it. Give me a call at 310-212-5727 or email me at for a no obligation discussion.