To maximize your lead conversions, you need a powerful “conversion series.”
A conversion series is an integrated campaign to help turn an inquiry into a customer.
It dramatically increases your conversion rate, no matter how good your sales team is.
In fact, it works independent of your sales team.
And it helps overcome some key problems most companies face:

  • Procrastination
  • Prospect is too to busy
  • Prospects out of town or sick
  • Lack of salesman-following up
  • Or mediocre sales- skills

And more.
A conversion series ideally has:

  •  A direct mail follow up-series
  • An email series
  • Facebook new-feed series
  • Retargeting

Let me give you an example…
One of my clients had a conversion series in place, but it was under-performing. They relied mainly on a telesales team.
The Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety is a leading provider of self-care programs and
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support for individuals with anxiety, stress or depression.
Founded 30 years ago by Lucinda Bassett, the center is best known for its successful
Attacking Anxiety & Depression program.
After generating thousands of new leads from direct response radio, TV and other media, the organization faced a tough marketing challenge: Converting their new leads into customers.
Past lead-generation campaigns had been disappointing-because many new prospects would request free information or a free trial and never contact Midwest Center again. There was no way to know if they had reviewed the information.
That’s why Lucinda the Midwest Center turned to Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc. to develop a strategy for maintaining contact with new leads.
After evaluating the organization’s current situation, we determined that a professional direct response follow-up kit and conversion series that followed the direct response rules were needed to accomplish the Midwest Center’s goals.
The centerpiece was the first contact – the follow-up kit.
The multicomponent follow-up kit was developed for prospects requesting free information in response to lead-generation ads. It included the following:
➤ Sales letter
➤ Magalog, positioned as a Resource Guide
➤ Lift note
➤ Business-reply envelope
➤ Two versions of a 9″ x 12″ ­ at envelope for an A/B test
➤ A CD from Midwest Center
The sales letter used personal direct response copy to reaffirm that the prospect made the right decision to request free information from the Midwest Center.
The full-color 16-page magalog-that is, a sales piece developed to look just like a magazine-was positioned as a Resource Guide with Lucinda on the cover.
The articles inside told the story of her personal triumph over anxiety and depression and also provided a detailed overview of the self-care program.
Testimonials were prominently placed in the magalog and lift note to engage the prospect, demonstrate the program’s benefits and add credibility.
Both pieces also included information about a medical doctor who worked with Lucinda to establish the Midwest Center and develop its self-care programs.
The follow-up kit offered prospects a 30-day risk-free trial for the Center’s programs.
The kit included:
* Valuable premiums
* A strong guarantee
* The option to order by phone, mail or online
Those who did not order through the kit would then receive scientifically spaced letters and emails of our conversion series.
Developed to keep the prospect engaged and focused on the Midwest Center, the ­ five-step conversion series included postal letters and emails.
Each contact had value and not just sales.
The – first effort urged recipients to review the CD from the follow-up kit if they hadn’t already done so.
It also included free stress-management tips, a 30-second self-evaluation, a testimonial-driven lift note and a response device.
Subsequent installments continued to make a strong case for the 30-day risk-free trial offer and further illustrated the benefits of the Midwest Center’s program.
Every effort included value, following Creative Direct Marketing Group’s V.I.V.A.™ (Valuable Information, Value-Added) direct marketing system.
Not only did the campaign win a Silver International Davey Award from the International Academy of the Visual Arts, but the response was overwhelming.
The series outperformed the Midwest Center’s control by 100%.
Here is a graphic of a conversion series showing the integration of direct mail and email below:
2015-05-07 14_32_35-Microsoft PowerPoint - [JOBS Act Conversion Series]
Add Facebook newsfeed ads and Google retargeting ads…and you have a powerful way to dramatically increase your conversion rate.
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