Do you know what it is?
It’s your shopping cart.
Here are a few things to remember:
1. 40% of online shoppers leave items in their cart to return to later, on a different device, or in a physical store. This percentage is even higher among millennials.
2. Don’t have a shopping cart that (1) is a tombstone and (2) is multi-page.
My video briefing, “Shopping Cart Blunders,” explains this in detail. Watch here.
3. Send reminders to those who abandon their cart, by product.
For example, “Are you still shopping for paint? Looking for something special? Let us help.” Or give an incentive: “Are you still interested in this product? Exclusive offer! 15% off for you.”
4. Use the product abandoned in the subject line.
For example: “Looking for party supplies?” Or, “Crosshatch city sneaker and more…”
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