In our past issues I have discussed how your return address can help or hurt your response.
Many prospects will not even open your direct mail envelope if the return address gives them a clue regarding what you are going to say.
And for your clients, it’s very important to build your relationships.
Some marketers use a powerful strategy of varying the return address of who is sending the mail.
For example, use different people, cities and even states for the return address.
Do titles help or hinder response?
One of our readers asked that if our tactic is to only put the sender’s name and address on the envelope without the company name, should the sender’s title be included in the return address?
Our answer…
Do not include the sender’s title on the envelope. This will not help response and, in fact, will discourage your prospect from opening your mailer. Include only the name and address. Keep the mystery and intrigue.
However, do use your business title in signing the letter if it’s a position of authority, such as the President or CEO. But, again, on the envelope simply use the name and address.
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