Only a few know how to do direct mail right.
You see it every day.
Disastrous results with the wrong copy, strategy, format, art, lists, offer and tactics… plus more.
For example, there are common problems even in delivery of the direct mail to a printer.
That’s why my experienced team uses a checklist and 35 years of experience in direct mail to get it right.
What type of mistakes? Here are a few – and solutions:

  • Wrong trim size: Any direct response artist must document to the correct trim size. And they need to leave space for die-cut tabs and bleeds. Even simple tri-fold brochures can cause problems if you don’t allow for the short panel.
  • Your artist does it wrong on bleed: Images should extend 1/8” (9 points) beyond your trim. It’s good to include bleed guides in the document set-up.
  • Your marks are not offset: All marks (crop marks, bleed marks, registration marks, etc.) should be offset 0.3125”.
  • Your fonts are not embedded: While most fonts can be embedded when exporting a PDF from InDesign, you will get a warning if a font cannot be embedded. To see if a font ahs restrictions, check the Find Font dialog box (Type > Find Font).
  • Your images or type are too close to the trim: Allow 3/16” minimum, 1/4” margin preferred.

Your artist and production manager must work together with your printer.
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