Web and Mail One-Two Punch (Credit: Infostructure.net)

Did you know that you can triple your sales with a powerful direct response strategy?
Let me explain …
Coffey Anderson is a singer, songwriter, and musician with an upcoming album. He wanted to get the news to his fans, but his fan email list was almost 2 years old.
Coffey came to me wanting a new website so he could pre-sell CDs before the official launch.
After evaluating Coffey Anderson’s current situation, we determined that creating a fresh email approach would reactivate an old list and build interest in a new, redesigned website—which ultimately would result in presales of his new CD, Coffey Anderson.
We accomplished this using 4 key strategies:

  1. An email was launched, timed to the pre-release of the CD, which included direct response copy, graphics, and video to enhance response.
  2. The email then linked to music clips as well as to the new benefits of the website.
  3. The email also included intrinsic value with links to digital samples of music from the new CD, clips from Coffey’s newest video, and a free download of a new track.
  4. This provided pass-along value to expand the email’s reach to family, friends, and others.

The website incorporated an edgy, artistic look without sacrificing essential direct response design principles.
This included a strong call-to-action to pre-buy Coffey’s new CD before its official release date.
So, what were the results?
Because of these efforts, response exceeded expectations by 300% in his early CD sales and reactivated his email list into a powerful profit center.
Why? Because we followed essential direct response principles.
Let me take a look at your website and email campaign. Let’s see if we can’t dramatically increase your results. Give me a call at (310) 212-5727 or email me at craig@cdmginc.com