Is your headline really doing its job? Does it command attention and keep your prospect reading? Does it promise valuable information or offer an irresistible solution?
But most of all, does it turn browsers into buyers? It should.
In fact, the headline accounts for 70% of the success or failure of your banner or Facebook ad, email or direct mail or other marketing piece.
Here are 3 secrets for writing an attention-grabbing headline that will convince prospects to read and buy:

  1. Create intrigue. Curiosity is a powerful motivator
  2. Make a compelling but easy-to-understand promise. Show your reader that you have information they want or need.
  3. Stir the appropriate emotion. Has your testing revealed which emotion is your audience’s most powerful motivator? Fear? Profit?

Here are some example of winning headlines from Victor Schwab’s infamous list of “200 good advertising headlines”:

  • A little mistake that cost a farmer $3,000
  • 5 familiar skin troubles—which do you want to overcome?
  • Advice to wives whose husbands don’t save money—by a wife.

To keep your prospects reading, use your headline to show them that you have a solution … not a mere sales pitch.
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