SurfControl is a global provider of corporate security software. The marketing goal they presented to me was to increase sales of one of their premier products, an Internet filtering software.
While SurfControl was focused on the constraints of their budget, I showed them how they could get the same or even better sales than their competitors without increasing their budget. Therefore, SurfControl had to get higher response per dollar spent than would be normal.
So my team started by creating a unique, issue-oriented strategy by dividing the audience into small verticals.
One of the troublesome issues faced by the healthcare industry is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Federal regulations require that healthcare providers comply with standards of patient privacy. I saw this challenge as an opportunity to become the #1 email filter provider to the huge healthcare market.
With only a limited marketing budget, the next problem was how to maximize exposure and capture leads. I recommended a cost-effective strategy using direct mail to drive prospects to respond by phone or with a free download.
A second strategy would highlight a webinar.
The first direct mail piece, promoting a HIPAA Special Report Premium, detailed the important information and solutions that respondent would receive in the Report. Easy-to-read bullet points told readers why they should read the Report, and that they could download it for free.
The second direct-mail piece, promoting the webcast, highlighted two expert speakers and their credentials. It featured important information about the 60-minute webinar and what the participants would learn about patient privacy compliance. Details were listed in easy-to-read bullet points.
Each direct mail piece was personalized with the recipient’s name and company. What’s more, both spoke directly to the extreme dangers of not being compliant with regulations, and told how the webcast or Special Report would help them avoid danger and maintain compliance.
The results:
Both strategies were outstandingly successful in their targeting, creative appeal, and offer. Results of the Special Report mailing exceeded the expected response rate by over 50%. The webinar had both a higher percentage of participants and a higher registration-to-participation conversion rate than the industry standard.
Curious about using premiums to increase sales or leads? See my video briefing here:

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