TV, Direct Mail, Facebook, and Twitter.
The Presidential candidates relied on every means of social media to get out the vote and win.
Now YouTube is becoming a featured resource for candidates.
The number of YouTube views can tell us a lot about the strength or weakness of a Presidential campaign.
Donald Trump has made a huge deal about the voter turnout, his rating on the Internet, and his frequent appearances on TV.
Now he can claim another win for the greater number of views on YouTube compared to the last two Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
Of course, what all those views reveal about a candidate can determine whether it will lead to a better turnout for them in November.
Half of Trump videos (47%) expressed a negative view of the candidate, compared to 17% positive
Hillary’s negatives are worse, with 48% negative to 4% positive.
But it all comes down to which candidate will better turn out the vote on November 8th.
Here are the YouTube Metrics for May, 2016.

  Views Gained in May Engagements in May Average Change in Week to Week Views Views Gained Since April
Donald Trump 254 Million 4.8 Million +17.5% +42.8%
Hillary Clinton 106 Million 2 Million +21.29% +0.68%
Bernie Sanders 69.7 Million 1.8 Million +74.5% -16.25%

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