Headlines make all the difference in your copy.
Strong headlines that sizzle and show interest will bring in major response and profits.
Bad headlines will kill your response and your sales.
Check out this test, and find out why some headlines have better response than others.
Which of these headlines pulled the best response?
#1) 52 Ways to Win, Where Everybody Else Loses
#2) 52 Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Life
#3) 52 Thoughts to Change Your Life

Headlines make the difference (Credit: writtent.com)

According to the test analytics, headline #2 was the winner, pulling more response than #1 By 24%. Here are some reasons why this may have happened:
Headline #1. Although many profess a “dog eat dog” persona, few actually practice it. Used here, “win” is not quantified and specific enough. Win at what? Win a race? Win a contest? The reader can’t be sure.
Headline #2. “Little things” has a nice and gentle ring to it. Who doesn’t want the little things to easily add up and make life better? A good copy trick here is combining two opposites (little and big) to bring closure to a situation. Closure is psychologically compelling. Opposites placed near each other are offsetting and curious.
Headline #3. Not as powerful and perhaps too vague. A stronger copy example is more specific as in “52 Thoughts to Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less.”
Were you surprised by the results? Tell me which headline you thought was the best and way. Email me at craig@cdmginc.com.
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