The cost of postage is going up on January 22.
This is horrible for the economy, jobs, and marketers.
Only dramatic postal reforms—including competition and outside-the-box changes—will fix the broken postal model.
The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) will increase letters, flat, and more a little over 2%.
Currently, the PRC has only one active member, while the other eight appointees have been delayed in the confirmation process.
The dysfunction troubling the United States postal service goes all the way to the top.
No leadership, no accountability, and no competition.

Debt and mismanagement are weighing down the post office (Credit:

With the latest fee increase, the result will be less revenue, not more as marketers cut back on marginal mailings.
This is a lesson the anti-business, anti-economic growth entrenched postal bureaucracy just doesn’t get.
Not more government and state oversight, but competition, innovation, and accountability will fix what ails the United States Postal Service.
What can the Trump Administration do to reform this bloated bureaucracy?

  1. Stop the postage increase, now.
  2. Sign executive orders removing non-union employees from paying union agency fees
  3. Repeal the laws which create the postal monopoly
  4. Rethink every aspect of the agency’s services and how best to create a business, not a government-controlled monopoly.

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