One of the most aggressive direct marketers using direct response TV is Mike Lindell of MyPillow.
His 60 second to 30 minute infomercials have been highly successful.
He makes 30,000 pillows a day, and has sold over 25 million pillows through direct response television.
Like most marketers, he has developed a two-for-one offer as his control. That way, his direct marketing tactic gets better response based on testing.
However, he also has been politically incorrect in being a vocal support of Donald Trump.
And that’s where the problems began.
The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota unfairly and unjustly attacked him. They recently destroyed his rating with an ‘F’ to tarnish his reputation and business. The national press picked up on the story and spread it nationally.
And it’s been all about politics. They are trying to destroy his business.
See what Mike says on Fox News’ Varney and Company. About 6 minutes.

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