Direct mail in an online world can increase your growth and profitability compared to other media options.
Integrated campaigns with direct mail/email/banner and Facebook ads, Twitter, and pre-roll commercials all to the same name are the most common campaign I’m now doing for CDMG clients. And it’s powerful.
But direct mail by itself without online marketing can still perform better on a cost per lead/cost per sale basis vs. online and electronic marketing.
Consumers or B2 B marketers profitably use direct mail in several powerful, profitable formats.
For example:

  • magalogs which are infomercials in print—See video brief below:
  • Or bookalogs, one of direct mail’s most overlooked response kickers. Bookalogs look and feel like a book—See video brief below:
  • Or 3-D direct mail, the biggest response generators. They are large boxes sent by FedEx.
  • Or a newsalog, which is retro-marketing at its best. This medium looks and feels like a newsletter.

But the direct mailing I use most are envelope mailings.
Let’s look at a consumer direct mail campaign that I created, and see the tactics that can help you create a winning direct mail envelope campaign.
Success secret #1 – The envelope
The only purpose for an envelope is to compel the prospect to rip it open.
It must stand out. It must motivate your prospect to want to tear it open and see what’s inside.
Look at the envelope my CDMG team and I created for Colorado River Adventures…

The target audience is RV enthusiasts, or RVers.
RV parks face intense competition … and Colorado River Adventures is an expensive members-only park.
Look at the envelope. The pre-head copy reads “No alarm clocks. No traffic jams. No rush. No worry.”
The main copy reads: “Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?”
Our pictures created the feel and desire that RVers love.
The pre-canceled stamp increased response by 15-20%.
And note the tease for a valuable freebie inside:
See my video brief on envelopes below:

Success secret #2 – The letter: The letter is the most important component of your envelope mailing.
A great letter needs:

  • A superscript (copy above the salutation): “Imagine escaping to a spacious, private RV resort … instead of yet another crowded campground…”
  • A personality signing the letter
  • Short paragraphs, short sentences
  • Powerful direct response copy
  • A powerful unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Powerful direct response art

Success secret #3 – A value added piece: A value-added piece can be a report, an article reprint—anything of objective value.
In this case a “7 tip” check list that doesn’t sell, but just helps … and establishes credibility and relationship.

Success secret #4 – An over-sized response device: We provide enough writing space to get them excited. In this case, 8.5 x 11 response devise with persuasive copy.
Success secret #5 – An irresistible offer: In this case a 3-night free stay.
Success secret #6 – A dedicated landing page. Never drive the prospect to your website. Instead, send them a clear, dedicated URL that helps create the lead or sale with no navigation and distractions, but tracks with the direct mail. This strategy is a necessary part of today’s direct mail campaigns.
Success secret #7 – A video demonstration
Add new modeling techniques to clone your perfect audience (more accurate than email or online targeting), and you’ve got a winner.
Incidentally, we also created a magalog for Colorado River Adventures. You can see the case study here.
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