Here’s a tip that could help increase your response by more than 80%.
It’s all about the layout of your page.
Test: In an A/B split test, two different ordered pages of the same website were tested in an 8-day micro-test.
Page A printed sales copy in two columns.
Page B laid out the sales copy into a single page.
What were the results? Which page layout led to higher response?

Website Layout Craig Huey Direct Marketing Update

Make sure you have the right website layout (Credit:

Page A had 2,478 unique visitors, 36 orders, and a 1.45% conversion rate.
Page B had 2,384 unique visitors, 65 orders, and a 2.63% conversion rate.
Sales copy laid out into a single page works well for a simple, short form landing page—and almost always works for lead generation.
Check out an example of a landing page I recently created for one of my clients “VRN Newsletter”:
Here’s a brief snap shot of the page:

Here’s the URL for the webpage. Click here.
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