It’s a little-known secret that testimonials which are too general do not increase response.
However, testimonials with specifics increase response dramatically.
A “meaty” testimonial will gain prospects’ trust and increase response
Your prospects want evidence that your service or product is going to positively impact their lives.
You can provide them this assurance by presenting specifics in your testimonials.
Every testimonial you print must have “meat” or substantive information, not generalizations.

Testimonial copy tip of the week direct marketing update

The right kind of testimonial makes all the difference (Credit: Testimonial)

Here is a clear contrast between a weak, ineffective testimonial and a strong, compelling one:
Testimonial A—“Your book is really terrific. I enjoyed it very much.”
Testimonial B—“I tried your ideas and methods … so far I’ve had 19 photos accepted and paid for, and I’m just getting started.”
A testimonial which state how and why your product is the best resource—that kind of testimony is much more effective.
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