I’ll bet this headline got your attention.  It’s a prime example of how punctuation can change everything about your copy…so you should take special care to do it right.
Take another look at the headline:
Woman without her man is nothing
How would you punctuation this? Can you figure out how a simple change in punctuation would dramatically change its meaning? You’ll find the solution by following this rule…
Punctuation Rule 1: Use commas, colons and semicolons appropriately
Because commas create a pause in your copy, they are used sparingly in direct response marketing. Leaving out commas keeps the copy flowing and pulls the reader along.
At times, however, a long sentence without commas can feel exhausting. In these cases, it’s wise to sue commas or break the text up into short, punchy sentences.
So back to our headline. Are you stumped? Here’s the solution:
Woman, without her man, is nothing
Woman: without her, man is nothing!
Now there is undeniable proof that punctuation can change everything.
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