If you are selling products and want to boost your average ticket sale – and, really, who doesn’t – you need to use this easy upsell strategy on your shopping cart.
The easiest upsell strategy you’ll ever find is this…structure your offer into three parts:

  • Best Deal
  • Great Deal
  • Good Deal

Take a look at this example:

Another easy fix is to add the word “Recommended” next to your Best Deal or paired with other products that you want to highlight. My testing has shown that people respond to this one powerful word.
Take a look at this next example for a nutritional product – my client, Brolico.

So much of your sales success is dictated by the shopping cart. If you’re a regular Direct Marketing Update reader, you probably already know that streamlining your checkout process will give you a significant sales boost.
But if your checkout takes more than one or two clicks, you’ll want to see my video brief right away.  It includes details instructions on improving your online results.
To see the video, click here.
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