What do you do when your sales decline because of increased competition?
That is the marketing challenge many companies face, including the Hollywood Reporter.
The Hollywood Reporter is an institution.
Anyone in the film and TV industry reads the Hollywood Reporter.
Here is how I handled the challenge with my team at CDMG.
To help expand sales and profitability, we incorporated the following strategies that should work for you as it did for Hollywood Reporter. So we…

  1. Used personality.

We took the name of one of the associate publishers that would be recognizable and put a face on the marketing – a spokesperson.
This is a powerful positioning tool to refresh an audience. People trust and respond to people – even over established institutions.

  1. Used advanced direct response strategies.

We created a direct response copy approach, with a strong “you” and “benefit” orientation.
The copy followed the direct response rules – as did the graphics.

  1. Repositioned the USP.

We redefined their unique selling proposition (USP).
The Emphasis changed to Hollywood’s No. 1 source for insider information.
For example, our direct mail said, “With 144 staffers, unmatched resources, and deep contacts, my team and I have long been Hollywood’s #1 source for insider information.”
In other words, the USP helped build up the credibility of the organization to show they couldn’t find the same information elsewhere.
“Nobody’s more connected than Hollywood Reporter. And that’s why we’ve been able to pack our every contact…”

  1. We created a revived “desire.”

We developed a new “desire.” The idea that the prospect is part of the experience and Hollywood Reporter community … and they don’t want to be left out.
5. Clarity
Since the Hollywood Reporter found itself besieged by so much new competition, we created a comparison chart for its product against everything else. Plus, we created a contrast with what all the other sources were missing.
Do you need a fresh perspective on your marketing?
Maybe some simple repositioning and fresh copy can re-energize your marketing.
By strategically applying advanced direct response marketing principles, I can help   launch … or move … ahead of your competitors.
Can I help you with your marketing, as we’ve done for the Hollywood Reporter? Email me at craig@cdmginc.com or give me a call at (310) 212-5727, and let’s discuss.