Marketing trends can cost you big time.
Or they can make you lots of money.
Marketing is changing fast.
And it’s changing for the better.
The changes occurring for marketers on Facebook and other areas are huge.
Even the changes with old media like direct mail are dramatic.
Keeping up with all the trends is necessary for any company president or marketing director.
Better yet is keeping up with what is working in the marketplace, not theory, hopes and speculation.
In fact, some of the newest marketing trends that involve Facebook – data  profiling and pursuit, videologs, direct-mail remarketing, pre-rolls and more — are ways to dramatically increase your overall returns.
That’s why for Direct Marketing Update subscribers I have agreed to give a free webinar titled “21 New Trends for Marketing Products and Services” at 11 a.m. (PST) Thursday for those who sign up here.

This fast-paced, concise webinar will cover the following:
  • The New Integrated Marketing … Why It’s Working So Well
  • 4 New Areas to Create Look-a-Like Audiences
  • The Surprising Digital Video Explosion
  • Videologs and the ‘Wow’ Effect
  • Little Known New Breakthroughs With Facebook
  • The Rules of Email Are Changing
  • Direct Mail Resurgence … Thanks to New Technology
  • Mobile Marketing Breakthroughs
  • New Copy Strategy and Tactics for Today
  • Online Banner Ads – the Next Big Change
  • Retro marketing: Newsalog
  • Supercharging Exhibit Marketing
  • Native Advertising Boom
  • Anti-Marketing Madness: Website/Landing Page Transitions
  • Key to Success: The Offer That’s Working for 2017

This webinar is designed for presidents and marketing directors who want to make sure they are maximizing their return on their marketing investment and steering clear of losses that can be avoided.

  • For example, you may be familiar with a look-alike audience. But do you know how to put that look-alike audience on steroids and get five to 10 times the accuracy?
  • Do you know how to send a direct mail piece to everyone who has visited your website? The increase in response and profitability of this has been amazing.
  • Do you know the No. 1 way to generate high-quality leads on Facebook that is brand new and only a handful of marketers know about?
  • Do you know the latest copy secrets that sell, and the No. 1 tactic that can increase your response.
  • There is one new marketing technique that applies to all media that if you don’t use it you will get less response today than you would 5 years ago.

Conversely no one was using it 5 years ago, but if you use it, it will dramatically increase your response today.
These techniques and strategies cover business to business and consumers. They are for generating leads and sales.
Hope you will be able to join us by signing up for the webinar and get our free action guide.
The webinar will be at 11 a.m. (PST) Thursday. Click here to sign up.