Amazon sure knows how to make a sale.
On July 10, it staged its Prime Day 2017, a one-day only global shopping event exclusively for its Prime members.
They must have liked the deals because it was a huge win for Amazon. The company saw its biggest sale day ever (especially of its own devices), while it saw the largest one-day gain in Prime membership.
Amazon already has an estimated 85 million U.S. members.
Prime Day’s cash register filled up to the tune of $1 billion in revenue, triple Amazon’s average daily volume in 2016.
Prime Day sales were up 60% compared to the same 30-hour period in 2016.
Its Echo Dot voice-activated device was the biggest seller. It was promoted endlessly, featured on the company’s main page and sold at 50% off its normal price.
Amazon’s main focus with Prime Day was its Alexa line of smart speakers – Echo, Amazon Tap and Echo Dot – in order to add more voice-activated, ecommerce-enabled hooks into the home.
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