In the eyes of your best prospects, you can’t afford to be boring.
Dull copy doesn’t grab anyone.
Drab copy doesn’t add anything to your marketing.
This is where the EBC Principle comes in. To get that sale or lead, you need to write with:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Believability
  • Conviction

You need all three of these components for marketing success.
To avoid your email from being deleted, your direct mail piece ending up in the trash or your commercial ignored, you need to engage your prospect with excitement and demonstrate your belief in your product or service.
But be careful. Don’t confuse enthusiasm with sales hype.
Enthusiasm without believability doesn’t work. To be believable you must have conviction.
Check your most recent direct mail piece, website, email or commercial for the EBC Principle.
Was it written with enthusiasm, believability and conviction?
If not, revise it now with these 3 elements for better results.
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