As a marketer, it is key that you understand your prospects by anticipating their needs, objections and apprehensions.
Often, when a prospect hears of a new product, he’s thinking of a reason not to buy it.
Your challenge is to discern their objections to your product and counteract them.
Picture your prospects comparing your product with your competitor’s, and identify what differences would make them want to buy from you. Also figure out what negatives you see.
Once identified, you’re ready to write what we call preemptive copy. That is, copy that answers your customers’ questions and combats their objections.
First, start by listing their negatives and come up with positive responses to counter them. For example:

  • I’ve never heard of this company.

+ Counterpoint: The new leader in laser technology.

  • It costs too much.

+ Counterpoint: For a few dollars more, you’ll have superior quality that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Maybe someone else has a better alternative.

+ Counterpoint: Only one company brings you industrial-grade quality and 24-hour customer service.
Key point: If you craft copy that addresses your prospects’ objections, you’ll gain credibility and instantly position yourself as an authority on meeting their specific needs.
Here are 3 more examples of preemptive copy that will:

  1. Overcome concerns about safety and reliability: “This fail-safe timing system is the most valuable investing tool you could own. Here’s why it’s so safe – and why it’s never failed …”
  2. Overcome skepticism about a product’s effectiveness: “You may have tried other diet plans that left you frustrated and disappointed. But this comprehensive plan is different. Let me show you why …”
  3. Overcome worries about ease of use: “It’s design is so simple, even a novice will find it easy to use. Plus, you’ll receive clear, step-by-step installation instructions so you can have your software running without ever reading the manual.”

This strategy can be used to sell anything from low-priced consumer items to high-priced B2B services.
Take the preemptive copy strategy a step further by trying to find the holes in your campaign – and fixing them.
Remember, you only have a matter of minutes, or even seconds, to gain your prospect’s trust. They’ve got questions, so you must have the answers.
It’s direct response copy strategy and tactics that can help your websites, direct mail, TV, or radio – double or triple your response. Write me at or call me at 310-212-5727 on how I can help you.