To win in your positioning and branding, you must establish yourself as the “expert” or “authority” in your space.
With a bookalog, you become the authority: the one who wrote the book!
You … your product … and your company … an authority in your niche.
And, one of the great advantages of the bookalog is that it provides you with an opportunity to build credibility in the eyes of your prospect—and set you apart from the competition.
People respect books … and respect authors.
For example, your book could be called 10 Dangerous Errors of Retirement Planning … and How to Avoid Them.
Seven New Telecom Trends—an Insider’s Survival Guide
A bookalog is excellent for either business-to-business or consumer campaigns.
I have had B2B marketers profusely thank me for their bookalog successes, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how consumer bookalogs can generate hundreds of thousands of new buyers and millions in sales.
I remember having my hair cut a few years back and hearing my barber talk about how his mother in Florida bought a nutritional product after reading a book. She sent him the book and he decided to buy it, too.
The book was so good, he said, that I should read it as well. As turned out, it was actually a bookalog I’d produced with my team to sell the nutritional product.
Whether your audience is a few hundred or a few million prospects, a bookalog is a powerful way to turn your products into bestselling superstars.
It’s also shown to be successful for fundraising, investment offers, health offers, tech campaigns, and much more.
Here are 5 rules for bookalog success that you absolutely must know before you get started:

  1. Bookalog Rule #1: Your copy needs to follow the time-tested direct response rules for copy. It needs to be direct response copy, not editorial journalism.
  2. Bookalog Rule #2: Use an easy-to-read typeface that is 12 point or above.
  3. Bookalog Rule #3: Choose your author wisely. Typically, the author would be your company president, but it depends on the product or service. A physician is a great choice for a nutritional product, while a teacher makes a great spokesperson for an educational program.
  4. Bookalog Rule #4: For a powerful direct mailing campaign, include a simple, one-page letter in an envelope along with the bookalog. Use the letter to explain why the prospect has received the book – and why they need to read it.
  5. Bookalog Rule #5: You must include an order form that is separate from your direct mail sales letter. Print several copies at the end of the bookalog itself. If the book is passed around, this ensures each reader will have a chance to respond to your offer. Use the same techniques as in every other direct mail piece.
  6. Bookalog Rule #6: Print hard cover copies for personal distribution in important meetings.
  7. Bookalog Rule #7: Have an e-based version for Facebook and banner ads and more.

Watch this brief and informative video on what a bookalog can mean for you.

We can discuss ways your business can stand out with a focused, well-planned bookalog campaign. I can make you an author in less than 12 weeks! Write me at or call me at 310-212-5727.