What is the prospect’s most common questions? Objections? Deal killers?
Make a list.
Then write a persuasive paragraph or two addressing it and overcome the “deal killers.”
Keep that list. You’ll want to use it over and over.
For example, I have 10 “deal killers” I always ask myself if it’s appropriate to address in marketing copy.
Here are my 10:

  1. Does the copy grab my attention right away?
  2. Does it recognize my pain, fear and needs?
  3. Is there a good value proposition?
  4. Is it written to me … and me alone?
  5. Does the writer care about me?
  6. Does the writer believe what he is saying?
  7. Do I believe the writer? Does he have credibility?
  8. Why should I buy now and not later?
  9. Is there an alternative?
  10. Do I feel comfortable about buying now or responding?

These are crucial questions that every marketer needs to answer.
What would you add to this list?
Also, here is a video, “10 Deal Killers That Will Cripple and Destroy Your Campaign,” I did that outlines my Top 10 list.
Take a look, the 3-minute video gives more insight.

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