A common, tried-and-trued copywriting tactic is to tease your reader with a big promise and then show him the proof.
But be wary of promising too much.
Sometimes copy that is too bold, confident or outlandish casts doubt on your credibility – and can cause readers to disregard your message because it seems too good to be true.
Consider this extremely successful test:

  • Version A: Why the price of gold may rise dramatically.
  • Version B: Why the price of gold will rise dramatically.

“May” outperformed “will” by almost 200%.
The trick is learning when to build in an understatement and when to be bold.
Your audience knows you don’t have a crystal ball that shows you the future, so choose an understatement when your copy sounds impossible or overly confident about the future.
However, it is important to know that overusing words like “may,” “might” and “could” also undermines your message and damages your credibility.
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