I love new marketing channels and I’m now positioning my clients to try Amazon Spark if Amazon opens up.
Spark is a shoppable social network being tested.
Amazon has a great database filled with incredible marketing intelligence.
So, how can a marketer use it?

  • Spark is a place to discover things from people who share your interests.
  • Spark makes it easy to discover – and shop – stories and ideas from a community that likes what you like.
  • Under “Program and Features,” Spark prompts visitors to indicate at least 5 areas of interest from about 100 categories, such as books, fitness, parenting and music. Customers are prompted to create a profile name which appears alongside their posts, comments and product reviews.
  • Amazon’s algorithm will serve Spark users content and products that pertain to their interests.

As of now, Spark can be accessed via the Amazon app for iPhone only. While it encourages all customers to view content posted, currently only Prime members (Amazon’s most loyal customer base) can contribute.
You want to hook into Prime members, who comprise 61% of total Amazon purchasers. On average, they place 3.5 orders per month, versus 2.2 orders per month for non-Prime members.
If Amazon gets this right, the potential is there for it to become the HSN/QVC selling platform for a new generation.
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