If you are like many readers, you haven’t read every word of this email. Instead you scanned it until something interesting caught your eye.
It works the same way for prospects reading your marketing content. They don’t read your web pages, emails, direct response letters, catalogs, or Facebook ads word by word. They scan them and focus on individual words, phrases or sentences.
So, the goal is to make your copy easier to scan—so the important information is easily found. The preferred way to do this for writing for marketing is to use what is known as the “inverted pyramid.”
The inverted pyramid uses the principle of primacy (ordering) to let you control saliency (importance). It is the same principal that is used in writing a newspaper article.
The most important information is presented first, with information decreasing in importance as you move down the page.
Also, remember to keep your paragraphs short—with only one main idea per paragraph so the information is quickly digested.
Finally, use the same inverted pyramid strategy when creating bulleted lists or lists of navigational links—put the important ones on top.
Writing your copy in this manner will help your prospects move quickly and easily through your sales story and come to the logical conclusion to take action.
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