Why do some brands outperform their competitors over and over? ‘Cause they’ve got personality.’ (Sing it, Lloyd Price.)
If you’re in the Northeast, your probably remember the electronics retailer known as “Crazy Eddie.” If you’re in Southern California, then you know the personalities of Larry and Irwin of mattress retailer Sit-N-Sleep.
Personality can be a powerful sales tool.
You’re battling skepticism and fear from your prospects.
Just as your prospects pick their friends based on personality, they often pick companies for the same reason.
Prospects want to invest their dollars with a company they like and trust. Using a personality who is believable and projects honesty will help increase your response.
This is true whether you’re doing direct mail, email, Facebook ads, landing pages, radio, or TV. For example, a successful radio ad may use the voice of the owner telling prospects that he understands times are tough—and that’s why his company is offering a 2-for-1 sales.
Better yet, the voice of the radio show host the ad is running on.
Or, a direct mail piece may benefit from having the president talk about standing behind his product.
If you have heavy competition against new product introductions, personality helps grow confidence and involvement.
So if there’s an important person missing from your marketing, don’t wait to bring them to the forefront. And remember, keeping this personality consistent in your marketing is the key to customer retention.
Let me show you how we use personality for some clients.
Here, a newsalog we did for Health Alert, with Dr. West as the personality.

For Wine of the Month Club, with the founder on the envelope…

For Superfood Weight Loss Accelerator, with the founder Jason Berkes on the top of their landing page.

And Real Water founder and president Brent A. Jones on their landing page.

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