For clients, I love 1-800 #’s.
For many of my clients, I’ll use a special 800 #. For example: 1-800-FLOWERS.
Government, not the free market has allocated these numbers. The numbers have been distributed to companies on a first-come, first-serve basis. And whenever government is involved, then so is unfairness and distortions.
The problem with the 800 # system is that companies that may be willing to pay more for the numbers or who value the numbers more highly, have no advantage in obtaining the number for their business.
Under a new system proposed by the Federal Communications Commissions, toll-free numbers will be sold in a single-round auction with sealed bids. The second-highest bidder would win the number, to ensure that interested parties submit bids that reflect an accurate valuation of the number.
This system would result in:

  • A more efficient distribution of toll-free numbers
  • Revenue that could help pay for administration involving toll-free numbers

Furthermore, this new system will allow a business to re-sell a number without bureaucratic interference.
This development is great for both small and large business, and may reflect a larger trend that indicates that the FCC is moving away from outdated and bureaucratic systems and encouraging room for prices and economic incentives.
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