At the Las Vegas MoneyShow, you’ll have the opportunity to..

  • see multi-million dollar success stories …
  • learn powerful new strategies …
  • and connect with superstars in investment.

This is your chance to make dozens of connections in the investment world…and get the attention of valuable new prospects.
Read the following to learn how to make the most of your opportunities at the MoneyShow Las Vegas 2018:
Interview with Craig Huey
INTERVIEWER:   Are there secrets to being more successful at speaking and exhibiting at the MoneyShow?
CRAIG HUEY:      Yes, definitely.
You see, the investors who attend the MoneyShow are great prospects. But they want to be informed. They want to learn. They’re not there to spend their money or to make an on-site investment on a product or service.
But that doesn’t mean they won’t.
They come to learn and acquire actionable investment ideas… and meet the superstars.
Many exhibitors and speakers feel that because there is not an immediate sale, it’s not worthwhile to attend a second time. That’s totally wrong.
Any company can pay for the cost of speaking and exhibiting at the MoneyShow, plus travel and time – if it’s done right.
INTERVIEWER:  You’ve been doing this with the MoneyShow for a long time. What have you learned? How do you do it?
CRAIG HUEY:      Yes, I actually helped Kim and Charles Githler launch the MoneyShow when it was a paid conference. And for many years, I was a speaker to the speakers and exhibitors at the MoneyShow. My goal was to instruct them on how to increase their profitability, at the show and afterwards.
One of the topics I spoke about was exhibit booths.
INTERVIEWER:  What is the key to a successful exhibit booth?
CRAIG HUEY:      In short, most exhibitors do it wrong. And they dramatically decrease the interest an attendee may have. Here are a few key things:

  • Have a powerful benefit at the top of the exhibit booth, not the name of the company, as most people do. This powerful statement can be a question. But what it needs to do is draw people in to ask what this is about. It needs to be a powerful “tease” statement.
  • Also, never have a table in front of the exhibit booth. Allow people to walk in. Don’t put a barrier between you and a person. Make sure that all the salesmen reach out and people get answers to all their questions. Make it more inviting.
  • Remember the 3-second rule. Most attendees start at the right-hand-side of the booths and glance at your booth in 3 seconds. Fail to capture their curiosity, lose prospects.

INTERVIEWER:   If there’s one key to being a successful exhibitor, what is it?
CRAIG HUEY:      Collecting data. It doesn’t matter if it’s with your own data collection tool, MoneyShow’s, or both. You want to be able to have the names, email addresses, and in certain cases the postal addresses and mobile numbers of everyone that comes to your booth.
INTERVIEWER:   What’s the best way of monetizing the MoneyShow?
CRAIG HUEY:       Being a speaker at the MoneyShow has value to the ego. But it doesn’t generate sales. What generates sales is to create a workshop with a powerful, dynamic title and collect all the names, email addresses and other pertinent contact information from everyone who heard you speak.
INTERVIEWER:   How do you do that?
CRAIG HUEY:       One way is to have a special report or special incentive for them to give you contact information. Make it irresistible.
INTERVIEWER:   Are there other ways to make money at the MoneyShow?
CRAIG HUEY:       Absolutely. Let me just give you a few.

  • Collect all the email addresses and immediately, during the show, put them into the Facebook newsfeed. This is what we do with all our clients. While they’re at the MoneyShow, looking at their Facebook, they will be seeing your ad.
  • During a workshop, invite them to come to a landing page on their electronic devices. Have the Google remarketing code on there so you can have an ad follow them all over the internet while they’re at the show.
  • For those names and email addresses you have, if you’re speaking, be sure to send out emails to them before the talk and then after the talk. Do the same with text messages for the phone numbers you have.
  • Then, you need to have a 7-part conversion series. That’s a postal and email going to the people who heard your workshop and stopped by the booth. Start the series during the show.

INTERVIEWER:   So a conversion series helps?
CRAIG HUEY:       A conversion series is absolutely necessary. I also like to do pre-show invites drive people to the exhibit booth.
INTERVIEWER:   I get a sense there’s a lot more.
CRAIG HUEY:       Yes, a lot more – but all of it is good information.
INTERVIEWER:   How can someone speaking or exhibiting at the MoneyShow find our more?
CRAIG HUEY:       Contact Caleb, our MoneyShow specialist. He’ll be glad to go over what you’re doing and how best to do it. I’ll be at the MoneyShjow along with Caleb should anybody like to talk with us.
I would love to meet with you at the MoneyShow and talk more about your marketing strategy and how you can increase response, lead generation, and profits. To schedule an appointment with me, give me a call at (310)212-5727, or email Caleb at