Here are the top 17 Direct Marketing Update articles from this year.
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They were the 2017 all-stars.
You won’t want to miss these!

  1. 7 Keys to a Successful New Product Launch [Checklist]
  2. 7 Frightening Realities About the Post Office which Politicians Ignore
  3. Pre-Roll Profits: The Commercial Before the Video [Video]
  4. Generating New Clients By Bypassing Retail: How Metagenics and Blue Shield Created New Profits and Sales 
  5. Marketing Secrets for the Super Wealthy: 12 Key Steps for Successful Lead Generation and Conversion to America’s Top Income
  6. Trump Marketing: How He Used Direct Response to Win the Election
  7. How Family Life Conference Shot Sales Up 533% – 5 Powerful Secrets You Can Use
  8. Multi-channel Marketing Breakthrough: How You Can See Profits Skyrocketing
  9. Direct Mail Breakthrough Tips Create Winners in an Online World [Video]
  10. Multi-Million Dollar Launch Secrets: From Nothing Into the Largest Online Investment Service [Video]
  11. 7 Look-A-Like Audiences on Steroids: How to Supercharge Your Response
  12. Direct Response Copy in Your Marketing is Critically Important-  Anything Else Will Depress Response
  13. 18 Catalog Rules to Supercharged, Profitable Marketing
  14. Marketing to Seniors: 38 Special Advertising Insights
  15. 21 Critical Video Marketing Rules: How You Can Increase Your Response and Profitability
  16. 14 Surprising Steps to Powerful Facebook Response
  17. 12 Little-Known Keys to Powerfully Boost Response and Profits on Amazon

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