Getting a prospect to the landing page is only half the battle.
Do not neglect your landing page.
If you want to maximize your profits and increase your conversion rate, then you absolutely must get your landing page right.
As you well know, getting a prospect to your landing page isn’t easy. But if you send a prospect to a sub-par landing page, then all the time, effort and money you spent getting them there is completely wasted.
Your landing page is your closer. It’s up to your landing page to break through your prospect’s skepticism and make you money.
Your landing page is your last line of defense before the prospect clicks away and is lost forever.
That’s why one of the critical elements of a powerful landing page is credibility.
Never underestimate the power of building credibility.
Online, credibility is found in testimonials. Testimonials have taken on a whole new importance, thanks mostly to the raging success of Amazon.
Amazon revolutionized the online buying process by adding user reviews to every single page.
Anyone who has ever bought something on Amazon is familiar with these all-important reviews.
Glowing reviews serve to assure the potential buyer that the product they’re buying is a good one. And they have pushed many an on-the-fence buyer over the edge.
Amazon has made user reviews part of the buying process, and online buyers now expect it.
Use this expectation to your advantage.
Wow your prospects with killer user testimonials, and leave them desperate to get their hands on your product or service.
Today, we use video testimonials and star ratings as well as traditional testimonials.
I can’t emphasize how important testimonials are.
A lack of user reviews and testimonials can give a prospect serious pause, especially if he or she was expecting to see them.
You can present these testimonials in a number of good ways.
The traditional standby of a picture with a testimonial below it still works well. Or you can use an audio or video recording, a review or a combination.
It doesn’t matter which method you use, just make sure you include testimonials on your landing page!
If you want some help creating a powerful landing page that takes advantage of customer testimonials, call me at (310) 212-5727, or email Caleb at
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