This is your SEO survival checklist…what you absolutely must know for search engine optimization.
Make sure all your websites and landing pages have the following for SEO:

1. SEO keywords…

These are the words and phrases that help people find your page through an organic search. Your keywords should be highly relevant to your content and optimized for your ideal audience.

2. Title tags….

These are the titles that appear on search engine results pages. Your title tags should be between 55 and 60 characters, and clear and descriptive of what’s on your page. Include your SEO keywords in your title tag.

3. Meta descriptions….

Meta descriptions are the brief descriptions shown on search engine results pages. Your meta description should be under 160 characters and include SEO keywords.

4. Alt text…

Use alt text for any graphics you may include on your page. Alt text may not be displayed to the user, but it will improve your SEO.

5. 301 redirects…

If you are creating a new page that will replace an older one, use 301 redirects so that when you remove the old page, the SEO value remains.
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